Installation & Training

After we can congratulate you on your purchase you are in phase one of our plan to make you become successful with your Resato. Your order will be handed over to support. Support is your go-to department from this stage onward. in this phase support will manage and monitor the engineering, production and installation of your purchase while they train your team to be ready for a successful integration in your business. You will meet your support coordinator within Resato, and he will guide you on. 

First the order is handed down to engineering. They will process all the details so that production knows exactly what to do. 

When your system requires installation, your coordinator will send you an installation requirements document, and he will run through this document with you. As a result you will receive a three dimensional drawing along with a list of all specifications. Again the coordinator will guide you through this document and set up an plan of action with you to be ready for the installation on both sides.

When all the details have been worked out, engineering will save a production slot and hand over all the details to the production team. Your support coordinator will update you on a delivery- and, if applicable, installation date.

Before the installation your coordinator will agree on a date for (in-house)training, which is preferably close to the installation date. Our trainers with hand on experience will teach you how to operate and maintain your system. Part of this training is custom for your own needs in which you will handle specific situations from your company's process. He will make sure you will have a flying start.

After delivery of all the parts of your system the mechanic will quickly work to set-up the system as described in the three dimensional drawing. Depending on the complexity of the system in question this will mostly take 3-5 days. After the mechanic finished the assembly process he will help you with the first start and assist you with your first couple of tasks. Along with your training you should be set for action.


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Hermann Egges

"We as Resato’s customer care team should add value to your machine and not only be there in case it breaks down."

Hermann Egges - Director Customer Care
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