High pressure hoses

High pressure hoses

Resato supplies a complete range of high-pressure hoses for fluids and gases up to working pressures of 2800 bar (40.000 psi).

The inside diameter of the hoses varies from 4, 5, 8, 10 to 13 mm. This diameter, in combination with 4 or 6 layers of high tensile steel wires, make the hoses suitable for the high pressures listed in the hose type table.

The high-pressure hoses are available with metric and BSP bi-chromized swivel connections, or stainless steel high-pressure UNF type end fittings. See end fittings table for the right choice of connections.

For safety reasons a lower working pressure is calculated when using oil and gas instead of water as a medium. Safety factors for working pressure against burst pressure are 2.5 for water, 4 for oil and 6 for gases.

  • Low volumetric expansion
  • Working pressure up to 2800 bar / 40.000 psi
  • Maximum orifice 12.8 mm
  • Small outside diameter
  • Low weight
  • Suitable for fluids, gases and chemicals
  • Optional test certificate, hose guard and safety grips





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