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Breaking the status quo

In the past four years, the oil & gas industry has suffered from the extended oil price downturn which we have experienced since June 2014. This event has changed the industry significantly. Complex, capital intensive projects have been deferred or cancelled because of this downturn. A shift towards short-term unconventional projects is foreseeable which provides for a different investment approach.

The investment in safety is of the essence for the operation of a well. However, when profitability is at stake importance of safety deteriorates which leads to:
- Old equipment being used in the field
- Reduction in spending on safety procedures (e.g. pressure testing on critical components)

This online seminar will address these challenges of the industry by demonstrating the power of plug-and-play pressure testing equipment. We will introduce you to the concept of flexible and traditional pressure testing and provide you with an overview of the costs to take into consideration when planning investment for pressure testing (field equipment or pressure test bays).

With this online seminar, we want to provide you with solutions that ensure safety and provide maximum flexibility in pressure testing which makes these operations profitable in the long-run. Resato solutions are designed to perform multiple pressure-related activities, are designed for simple maintenance, and provide flexibility due to their ease of use and mobility.

If you are responsible for planning investments for well operations or are curious to find out how you can improve the safety profitably for your organization, please join us and learn more.

The online seminar is 60 minutes long and consists of a 45-minute presentation/discussion and a 15-minute Q & A session.


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Webinar Presenter


Rob Castien - CEO
Webinar presenter

Rob Castien has worked for Resato International B.V. since 2009. Leading the company with close focus on customer intimacy has allowed him to visit many customers in the oil & gas industry, discovering their challenges, and supporting the organization by finding profitable solutions for the clients. 

His experience in industrial processes and equipment he gained in leading positions at international organizations including Compressor Controls Corp. and Spark Holland B.V.


Webinar learning objectives

  • Understand the difference between flexible and traditional pressure testing
  • Understand the different cost sources of pressure testing
  • Learn how to make smart decisions related to functionality and cost for safety