Containerized pressure test bay

Containerized pressure test bay Type PPU

Pressure testing ability on different locations? Searching for a ready-to-go high pressure testing solution in your workshop? The Resato PPU containerized pressure test-bay will deliver you just that! 

Unlike the adaptation of a regular shipping container for pressure testing purposes, Resato has containerized it’s pressure test-bay. This means that it is build from scratch for just one purpose: Testing your objects in a flexible and safe environment, meeting the requirements and regulations of your company. Due to the flexible design of the PPU, we can easily incorporate your specific dimension, logistic, handling or testing requirements. From stacked container for high objects, open top, opening front and back doors to extendible overhead cranes.

Your goal: A test turnkey solution designed around the test unit with advantage to have optimum (testing) functionality and well-founded presentation of test results. Test certificate management wise and calibration wise.  

The dedicated high pressure test system allows both hydraulic function tests on tools and hydrostatic body tests; all operated en controlled from outside the pressure test bay to ensure maximum safety. The container is equipped with multiple safety devises such as automated door locks and sensors, emergency buttons and signal lighting to warn the surrounding area of potential danger in the  inside the test-bay. Full controllable high-end pan-zoom-tilt HD camera setup allows inspecting the tested object from a safe distance.

Unique in it’s design is the test bay integrated grid floor, collecting and capturing the spilled test fluids. The different level of optional filtration system in combination with reservoir allows recycling of the test medium. This complete pump circulation system is able to handle a wide range of fluids.

Example movie:

Air conditioning: 
When working in extreme conditions, the integrated air conditioning will keep workers happy and able to work in a concentrated and pleasant way.

The containers have  CSC for top layer certification, giving you maximum flexibility in transporting the container to your preferred location worldwide. 

The containers have been fully zinc coated and sprayed with a strong 2K coat of paint, making it ready for harsh environments.

Full computer controlled tests with predefined test precipice will render human interface to a minimum, giving you maximum insurance in the field while lowering the educational need of the staff on site.

With the electricity adaptation packages this solutions can be used worldwide allowing an approach as an asset investment as well. 

Technical specification examples

Model Brochure  
PPU 40ft Click here to download  
PPU 60ft Click here to download  
PPU 40-80ft Click here to download  
Other We have almost endless options both standard to custom, contact Resato for the possibilities.


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