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Petriun works in the segment of triplex pumps, hydropneumatic, hydroblasting, hydraulic units, test benches, booster gas, hydraulic and industrial hoses, valves, parts and accessories for hydroblasting, hydrostatic testing and various high pressure applications up to 6,000 bar (87,000 psi).

It acts in the commercialization of Hydroblasting Units, electrically or Diesel driven, mounted on fixed or mobile skids for applications in several industrial sectors, such as: sugar and alcohol plants, cleaning and unblocking of pipelines, surface preparation, de-watering, naval industry, oil and gas industry, automotive, cement, sanitation and other areas requiring technical cleaning by high pressure water systems up to 2,800 bar (40,000 psi).

It carries out the assembly, marketing and leasing of hydraulic units, test benches, amplifiers, booster gas, for pressures up to 6,000 bar (87,000 psi) and applications in: hydrostatic pressure testing in pipelines, pipelines, hoses, tanks, vessels, process equipment, valves, leak and tightness, test benches for hoses, valves, etc.

Petriun is located in the metropolitan region of Campinas state of São Paulo, and is provided with modern and complete installation and infrastructure.

Paulo Vacilotto 250
13.343-810 Jardim Eldorado Indaiatuba, SP

+55 (19) 3329-6525