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We invest in training our customers in order to adequately prepare them to operate and maintain their high pressure system. Part of this training is customized to your own needs, in which you will handle specific situations within your company’s process. At the hand of the several training modules, our high pressure experts make sure you will become the expert yourself!

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At Resato we want to turn you into a high pressure expert. We offer several training modules to fully prepare you for your high pressure system. To create a realistic training setting, some parts are customized to your company’s process to handle specific situations during the training. With our investment in the training modules we optimally prepare you to operate and maintain your high pressure solution! Contact our Customer Care team for more info.

  • Operator training
  • Maintenance training

Operator training

With the operator training module you will gain the technical understanding and knowledge of how to operate your high pressure system. With a keen eye on safety, the operator training module will turn you into a high pressure expert.

Maintenance training

Keeping your high pressure system in good shape is essential for your business. With the maintenance training module you will be trained in performing preventive maintenance to get the best out of your system. Knowing what to do when the system requires service reduces downtime and saves you costs. Become an expert in maintaining your high pressure system.