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To increase pressure, we need to compress a medium. The volume of a medium in an object is reduced by compression. By adding a medium in the created space the pressure in the object becomes higher. During compression, the temperature of the medium can increase or decrease considerably because energy is being added. It is important that this temperature is regulated by a dryer or cooling system to minimize equipment wear and tear. We supply various boosters and pumps to compress both gasses and fluids. Intensifiers can enhance the compression effect.

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Gas compression

In gas compression, the volume of the gas is reduced, so that more gas fits into a certain area. The gas can be stored in an accumulator under high pressure by compression. This gas can then be used, for example, to test whether an object is leaktight. Different types of boosters can compress gas. Resato has air-powered boosters and hydraulic boosters for gas compression. Our experts can advise you on the most suitable booster for your application.

Liquid compression

Compared to compressing gas, compressing liquids is more complex. A liquid can only be compressed to a certain level. In addition, the temperature of the fluid increases with compression, which can cause it to evaporate. You want to prevent evaporation of the liquid. You can safely compress liquids with a pump. Our product range includes air driven pumps and hydraulically driven pumps to compress liquids. The right pump depends on your bussiness and your application. Our Resato experts will advise you in finding the right liquid compression pump.