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Oil & gas industry

In the oil and gas industry, everything revolves around the extraction of crude oil and natural gas. One of the challenges is to make optimal use of installations to produce more from the available resources. Various high-pressure applications can contribute to this. Pressure tests guarantee the quality and safety of components used to extract oil and gas. Injecting chemical fluid stimulates the well. With controlling, high-pressure systems control and regulate counter-pressure and fluids. In this way, oil and gas can be produced in a safer way.

Safety first

It is crucial to prioritize safety in high-pressure environments due to the potential risks involved. Stringent regulations, regular inspections, and proper maintenance procedures are implemented to ensure the integrity of equipment and pipelines, safeguarding against accidents and ensuring the protection of personnel and the environment.

Adding flexibility to your high pressure activities in the field

Several operations in the oil and gas industry require objects to be tested
in the field. For these situations it is important to have a portable or mobile
solution to enhance your flexibility. With our high pressure systems and
digital data acquisition you can further increase the efficiency of your high
pressure activities in the field. For most of our systems, ATEX-versions
are available to comply with regulations.


Optimizing your workshop with dedicated high pressure solutions

Maximizing efficiency and safety in your workshop increases long-term
profitability. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to provide you
with solutions that ensure safety and provide maximum flexibility in your
high pressure activities. With an optimized workshop, your operations will
be profitable in the long-run.


Enhance safety with customized high pressure test bay equipment

Safety is of the utmost importance during high pressure activities.
Our equipment for test bays is designed to separate the high pressure
components in the test area from the control inside the control room.
This setup enhances the safety of your operators and procedures.

Looking for another market?

High pressure technology can be found in many markets. Looking for a specific market? Have a look at our overview or contact or high pressure experts.

Application areas

Versatility for multiple onshore and offshore services

The establishment of safety and integrity of your operations is important to keep your staff safe and your business profitable. High pressure equipment is often required to perform pressure testing, controlling, or chemical injection activities. Our equipment fulfills high standards and is used throughout the value chain in the oil & gas industry. 


  • Upstream installations
  • Downstream installations
  • Drilling services
  • Maintenance services
  • Well integrity services
  • Subsea services
  • Down hole tool testing services
  • And more