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High pressure is an essential element in the Universities & Research sector, contributing to a wide range of scientific investigations and experimental studies. High-pressure research involves subjecting materials, substances, and systems to extreme pressures to understand their behavior, properties, and potential applications.

Opening new doors

In the field of materials science, high pressure is utilized to explore the properties and transformations of various materials under extreme conditions. Researchers can investigate how materials respond to compression, revealing changes in structure, electrical conductivity, magnetism, or other physical properties. These studies provide insights into the fundamental nature of materials and open doors to developing new materials with enhanced properties.

Furthermore, high-pressure techniques are employed in biological and biomedical research. Studies involving proteins, enzymes, and other biological molecules can benefit from high-pressure conditions, which can induce changes in structure, folding, and biochemical activity. These investigations provide insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying biological processes and can lead to advancements in drug development, biotechnology, and medical research.

Expanding knowledge

High pressure plays a crucial role in the Universities & Research sector, enabling scientists to investigate the properties, behavior, and transformations of materials under extreme conditions. It contributes to advancements in materials science, Earth and planetary sciences, biology, and various interdisciplinary fields. By unlocking the secrets of high-pressure phenomena, researchers continue to expand our knowledge and advance scientific understanding across diverse disciplines.

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