Injection has several applications, which vary per industry. In the oil and gas industry, a liquid is injected into a well. This is done to prepare the well for production or inject rust inhibitors. Our equipment is also used to support the injection media into underground storage caverns. Our high pressure equipment ensures that you can inject safely under high pressure and control what and how much is injected.

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Systems for foam batching

Injection in the oil and gas industry includes chemical injection. During this practice, small amounts of chemicals are injected into the well. This can have different purposes. For instance, the well can be cleaned, or corrosion can be prevented. Also, the flow of the oil can be improved by chemical injection. It is important that injection is performed safe in order to produce good quality oil and to guarantee the health of your operators. Resato offers various injection components and systems. Our experts can advise which injection system is most suitable for you.