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Industrial sector

In the industrial sector products are produced by a chemical, biomedical, physical or mechanical process. This process is often automated. In order to deliver an end product of high quality to your customers, safety and reliability, but also of the systems that carry out operations. You can prove this by testing machine components and (parts of) the product. Tests are carried out using a test system. You can discuss your requirements and wishes for a test system with our experts. Our modular design allows us to supply test systems for different industrial processes.

Compliance with industry standards

Safety is paramount when working with high-pressure systems in the industrial sector. Proper design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring of high-pressure equipment are essential to prevent accidents, leaks, or equipment failures. Compliance with industry standards and regulations is crucial to ensure the safe operation of high-pressure systems.

High-pressure systems contribute to the advancement and success of industries worldwide

Many of the objects we use on a daily basis are the result of industrial processes. For example, computers and cars. High pressure may be needed to process an object, which costs a machine energy. The energy requirements of the machine can vary greatly during the machining process. In this case an accumulator is useful, because it temporarily stores a medium under high pressure. When the processing machine has a high energy demand, the accumulator makes this medium available. During periods of low energy consumption, the accumulator recharges itself. Our experts will advise you which systems are best suited to put your energy back under pressure.

Gas molding is a shaping technique in which a liquid is injected into a mold under high pressure. By cooling down the mold, the liquid solidifies. Many plastic objects are produced in this way. For example, toys, car parts, and packaging. Autofrettage has a different purpose. By applying pressure to the inside of a component, such as a piece of tubing, the layer expands plastically. This means that the object’s material is not subject to change under high-pressure in the future. Additionally, longer service life and higher working pressure are guaranteed. Our Resato experts can advise you which system is most suitable for you.

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