Hose testing

Testing your hoses may include pointing out any production flaws or determining the reliability of the hose. Testing a hose is done in a test system. The type of system to be used may vary depending on the type of hose. In the hose market we distinguish between hoses for liquids and hoses for gases. The hose testing system has a wide range of test pressures. Furthermore, the pressure can be read accurately over the entire test range. Due to our variety of options, we can adapt the system to your wishes.

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Hydrostatic hose testing

Our hydrostatic hose test benches test your hoses under high pressure of a liquid. The all-in-one benches can exert a pressure of up to 10,000 bar. The control system is automatic or manual. By pre-setting a test pressure it is possible to test many hoses without changing the settings. The hose test systems can be adapted to your needs with various options. For example, we can add options for X-Y-X pressure testing. Contact our experts to find the most suitable hose testing bench for your business.

Gas hose testing

These high pressure gas test systems are used to test your objects under gas pressure. With air-powered gas boosters, the system can exert a pressure of up to 1,400 bar. These all-in-one systems can be equipped with a manual or automated control panel as required. The system can be expanded with the RTC test housing. In this way, your hoses are tested under increased safety conditions. The test bench itself can be fully adapted to your wishes, for example by implementing a double-acting gas booster. Please contact our experts to find the right gas test systems for your company.

Hose testing equipment

By testing hoses, you guarantee the safety of your employees, installation and the environment. Hoses can carry both gases and oil. Various test systems make it possible to test your hoses in a workshop and on location. Our mobile systems also give you the opportunity to be flexible in the layout of your workshop. All critical parts of our test systems are made of stainless steel. Our experts will help you to make the right choice for your hose test system.