Filling covers two industries. This application is all about filling or refilling a medium at high pressure. In the oil and gas industry this can be applied to pressurize the needed well-components in various stages of well start-up . In industrial processes, accumulators are refilled with liquids or gases. The media from these accumulators are then used to store energy for a variety of high pressure applications.

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Filling in the oil and gas industry

In a drill shaft you can choose to drill horizontally. This increases production as several oil reservoirs are drilled. After a first ‘branch’ has been drilled, you want to prevent the oil from becoming contaminated by drilling a number of other branches. Therefore, a formation isolation valve is inserted in this side shaft, to close it off from the drill shaft. The valve is pressurized with nitrogen. This pressure has to be done very precisely, because the valves are expensive. Resato offers a system where you can read the pressure structure accurately.

Filling in the industrial sector

In the industrial sector, different machines produce the objects that we all use on a daily basis. There are also machines that use high pressure. An accumulator is used to support the machines in different ways. This is a pressure vessel that stores and releases energy in the form of a high-pressure gas or liquid. The battery charging system ensures, among other things, that the machine is fed and can produce at a constant high pressure. As a high-pressure expert, our systems ensure that your accumulators are brought to the right pressure.