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Hose market

In the hose market, high-pressure testing is performed to evaluate the strength, durability, and reliability of hoses under extreme conditions. These tests involve subjecting hoses to pressures significantly higher than their intended operating pressures to simulate real-world scenarios and identify potential weaknesses or defects. High-pressure hose testing helps determine if a hose can handle the intended fluid pressure, temperature, and environmental conditions without leakage or failure. It is a critical quality assurance measure to ensure the safety and efficiency of hose systems in various applications.

Data is key

High-pressure hose testing is often required to comply with industry standards, regulations, and certifications. These standards specify the minimum pressure levels, duration, and acceptance criteria for hose testing, ensuring consistent quality and performance across the market.

With advances in technology, automated and computer-controlled testing systems have become prevalent in the hose test market. These systems provide accurate pressure control, data monitoring, and analysis capabilities, enhancing testing efficiency and reliability.

Hose pressure testing

Hose pressure testing procedures involve many small steps. The
process begins with the transportation of the hose, goes over into the
test phase, and ends with dismantling the hose. In total, we divide the
hose pressure testing phase into eight single steps: Transport, mounting,
prefilling & de-airing, pressure build-up, stabilization time, isolation/test
phase, pressure relief/bleeding, and dismantling.


Hose certification

The generation of a certificate is the result of a hose pressure test.
The certificate shows whether the hose has met predefined quality
standards, or not. A detailed report provides precise information about
the period between the pressure build-up and relief. This process can be
done manually but automated solutions provide time savings and reduce
operator errors.


Maintenance and calibration

Regular maintenance and calibration of the hose test benches is
necessary to keep up the life-and uptime of the unit. Depending on the
usage rate and utilized pressures, it is advised to perform maintenance
and calibration activities once a year.

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