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Pressure test bays

Testing your objects in a special test bay is safer than using your workshop during the production process. Resato can support you in setting up a test bay or we can set up our equipment in your own test bay. In addition, we can deliver fully equipped test containers. This way you can test your objects in a safe and flexible environment. Our test systems and bays can fully meet your requirements for dimensions, logistics and testing. Our experts can think along with you about the design of your test bay.

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Plug-and-Play testing

It is important to consider how to organize your pressure test facility for flexibility and safety. Our containerized test bay (type PPU) and our long test box (type LTB) are examples on how to achieve this. Both have their own specific design properties and have different advantages. The PPU is suitable for pressure testing wide and large objects in an safe environment. The LTB fits in an existing workshop, is especially designed for pressure testing long objects such as completions and assures a lean process. Apart from our vision on safety and flexibility, we provide the possibility to design our enclosed pressure testing bays according to your general safety design criteria.