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LTB: Long test box

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Outlet pressure range

Various pressure ranges
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Double plated side walls and 20 mm lid
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Fluids only


With the modular designed test box, a variety of objects can be safely pressurized, tested and monitored with minimal loss of valuable workshop space. The simplicity of the hydraulically opened lid and integrated thick walled plated steel, ensures a safe test environment for the operator in the workshop. The lid has a door lock and a door switch safety system. By use of a dual pump setup and multiple pressure transmitters the test box can generate test certificates for a wide range of test pressures.

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Benefits & Features

  •  Reduce testing time of objects via pre-filling pump and multiple pump setup
  • To ensure safe operating, a locking mechanism is integreated into te text box and the text box can only be pressurize when the lid is closed
  • Camera system integrated in testbox
  • Forklift pockets, to move the testbox around easily
  • Sump pit on testbox floor to pump fluids back to reservoir, enabling re-use of test fluid
  • Hydraulic cylinders to open and close the lid easily
  • Can be designed according to your general safety design criteria

Application Areas

  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Cycle testing
  • Leak testing


  • Additional control lines
  • Additional length in 5 meter sections

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