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RBS: High pressure gas booster pack

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Outlet pressure range

Up to 1,300 bar (19.000 psi)
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Portable and easy to move
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Suitable for a wide range of gases


Resato’s portable gas booster pack type RBS is designed to compress gas up to 1300 bar. Not only can it be used to pressurize valves, fittings, hoses, piping, vessels and wellhead equipment, but it is also suitable for gas supply for cylinders, presses and actuators. Compressed air used as a power drive offers advantages over use of other drives. The risk of excessive heat, flame, spark or shock are reduced considerably. The RBS as a standard is available in 8 pressure ranges with a single-acting, double-acting or two-stage gas booster. As an option, the system can be fitted with a chart recorder and a USB data acquisition system. The resulting chart can be used as a test certificate.


The unique design of the Resato high pressure air-driven booster makes the compressor operate at a low noise level. The boosters are used for pressure testing with gases, industrial gas process feeds, gas charging of accumulators and gas bottles, and other applications. The high-pressure seals can be replaced without disassembling the complete booster.

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