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MPS: Portable mini pump

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Outlet pressure range

Up to 2,500 bar (36,250 psi)
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All operating features panel mounted
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Suitable for pressurizing oil, water or other fluids


The MPS is a handy portable air driven mini pump that can be easily carried because of its weight (less than 17 kg with a filled tank) and size (405 x 308 x 365 mm). Although this mini pump is small in size and low in weight, it is very suitable for the pressure testing of objects for pressure ranges up to 1,800 bar at 7 bar air-drive pressure and 2,500 bar at 10 bar air drive pressure. Through its pressure supply capacity, it is possible to manually drive the pump with a detachable hand lever if you are in a situation when air pressure is not available. The medium for pressurizing objects with this test system can be a fluid such as water or oil.

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