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DSTM: Wellhead control system

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Outlet pressure range

350 bar (5,000 psi)


If you are looking for a robust wellhead control system with a strong capacity for controlling components of an oil and gas well, then the DSTM with its two air driven double acting high pressure pumps and two tanks of 100 litres is the right solution for you. The DSTM is a system that has five hydraulic output control lines (5.000 psi) for controlling a downhole safety valve, a spring returned safety valve, a wire line stuffing box and two BOP’s.

In addition to its strength, the DSTM provides you with extra backup features like an accumulator BOP backup and a manual backup pump. It also has an audible warning air horn that operates whenever the DHSV, MV, WV or air lines fall below their preset pressures. Which benefits reliable and safe working operations in the oil and gas environment.

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