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Pressure System Builders Vietnam was founded in 1998 to serve the high pressure industry  focusing on pressure creation,  transfer, and storage. PSBV is located in Vietnam and known for provision of pressure, control, injection, transfer and power generation systems across South East Asia. PSBV opened an office in Malaysia and will extend their business to other countries in South East Asia in the near future.

PSBV is a high pressure equipment and service provider serving several industries inline with Resato’s high pressure offerings in South East Asia. PSBV is has a proven track record of providing calibration, commissioning, equipment acquisition, installation, maintenance and repair. We listen to our customers ensuring that we provide solutions that meet and exceed their needs.

3/9 Yen The Str. Tan Binh District
Ho Chi Minh City

+84 8 3547- 2693 /2694 /2695