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We have been working with fluids under pressure for more than 20 years, and we are confronted daily with the force exerted by this word in all its forms.
We design and manufacture products and technical solutions under the pressure of time. We repair and service customer equipment under pressure to provide the best possible service. We test and verify the conformity of our customers’ equipment under the pressure of understanding the technical requirements of its field of activity.

Our accuracy, reliability and unrivalled choice of the environments we work with are a crucial part of our philosophy. From supplying components, sub-assemblies and equipment in the field of fluid technology with pressure ranges up to 4500 Bari and working temperatures of over 1000°C to providing nationally established, leading-edge services, we have solutions for all industrial sectors. Finally, we deliver almost everything you need related to maintenance, replacement and commissioning of your pressure equipment.

Str. Fabricilor 11, Pleasa
107110 Prahova

+40 265 511 762