Fully automated. Modular. Ergonomic.

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The HPU-CC Series is a fully-automated high pressure testing system for workshop owners who perform many testing activities and require quality certification and traceability. The system can be used for pressure testing on valves, relief valves, safety valves, hoses, completions, well head components, and for hydroforming and filling applications. To reduce operator error, the software allows for user-management and test recipe creation. The execution of tests requires less time as the objects need be connected and the test procedure is started with a push of a button. A certificate can be exported into other software using APIs or exported by PDF. The reliability of the system is established by selecting components that harmonize together and create performance that lasts. Our systems include engineered pumps, intensifiers, valves and fittings, and more from Resato. The performance of the HPU-CC Series can be enhanced using a multi-pump or intensifier set-up that reduces pressure build-up time and improves reliability. The HPU-CC Series can be tailored to your specific high pressure application. Please contact our experts for more information.

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Outlet Pressure Range
Up to 7,000 bar /
101,500 psi

Capacity Range
Up to 50 liters per minute

Fluids only

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Benefits & Features
Fully automatic test cycle performance that saves testing and setup time.
Ergonomic, safe and user-friendly design allows for healthy use and quick training.
Low noise level.
Suitable for various test media due to Resato pumps.
Flexibility in scaling production through modular setup the system and software for testing procedures.
Integration in customer processes with product options and software APIs.
Bespoke setup (hardware and software).
All parts made of non-corrosive materials to prevent corrosion in the system.
Easy and low-cost maintenance through knowledge base access and product design.
Proven reliability due to selected components that harmonize together.
Application Areas
Hose testing
Oil and gas industry
Hydrostatic testing / leak testing
Automotive testing
Food preservation research
Hydraulic testing / leak testing
Pre-fill systems
Combination system with high pressure gas test systems
Safety systems
Build in tank(s)
Test enclosures (RTC/RTC 1500 series)