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Shaping the future / A sustainable vision with hydrogen Shaping the future A sustainable vision with hydrogen

We shape the future. As experts in high pressure applications, we put our knowledge to work in order to create sustainable, safe, and efficient solutions for testing with hydrogen gas, fueling cars/buses with hydrogen, and more. Resato supports the development of a hydrogen economy with scalable high pressure refueling stations. We want to provide an affordable alternative to the huge fueling stations in order to allow companies to extend their coverage and provide an incentive for end-users to invest in a sustainable FCEV. 
With over 25 years of experience in high pressure technology, we understand the challenges of pressurizing hydrogen. We develop and manufacture compressors and testing and refueling systems with a sharp eye on environmental & personal safety. We work hard to offer solutions that meet or exceed your expectations. 

Pressure Testing

Safety, testing time, and the cost of defects are important issues to be considered when choosing a testing system.  We know that accurate and safe testing of your hydrogen-suited products is critical for market release. With our knowledge on geometry, materials, volumes, and pressures, we assist you in making the best decision for your testing application.


Pressure range, flow rate, and safety are critical success factors for the development of hydrogen systems. Our hydraulic-driven pressure booster is optimized for hydrogen compression by separating the pressure chamber from the hydraulic drive. We develop our products with a focus on safety and operational efficiency. 


Filling time, scalability, and return of investment are key criteria for the selection of a hydrogen refueling station. We want to help launch the hydrogen economy by providing a scalable containerized hydrogen refueling station. Let us develop the hydrogen economy together!

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Sander Vroling

"We see ourselves as high pressure doctors and not as sellers."

Sander Vroling - Sales director
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