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Vanuit je leidinggevende positie vervul je een belangrijke rol in het verder ontwikkelen van het Finance team.
Als Resato’s Project Manager R&D zet jij projecten op voor de ontwikkeling van nieuwe producten en coördineer je deze.
Als Resato’s (Junior) Procurement Specialist realiseer je de inkoop van bestaande en te ontwikkelen technische goederen, verpakkingen en productiemiddelen.
Do you have a passion for selling innovative technical solutions ? Do you consider yourself a prime resource to your customers ? Do you see yourself becoming a pillar of a growing or-ganization ? Then maybe...
Wij zijn op zoek naar een E&I Engineer om ons R&D team te versterken. 
Do you have a passion for maintaining and installing high pressure solutions? Are you accurate, independent and an initiator? Then you might be the one we are looking for!

Available Jobs

A great place to work It’s what we do together that sets us apart.

People are without a doubt the greatest strength of Resato. We will stimulate the use of your talents and will offer you training to learn new skills or improve on your competences. When you enter Resato you will be welcomed by a committed team of 80 people that without exception, all work hard to reach the clear vision and goals we have set for the future. It will be demanding. But it will also be rewarding and successes are celebrated. None of us here would have it any other way. With so many ways to contribute here, chances are good you’ll find a way to do what you love. We need the best of the best to innovate and create, and we expect nothing less from the people who market, support, and manage our products, our process, and our people. If this fits your bill and want to join us on our mission; get in touch!

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"The combination of the commercial and technical process makes my job very interesting!"

Sander Vroling - Sales Director
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"How do we manage all of our projects? Plan, Do, Check, Act!"

Niels Reiffers - Manager Logistics
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