Portable high pressure power pack

Portable high pressure power pack Type RPS

If you want to be flexible in your locations for pressurizing objects, the RPS power pack is a suitable system that provides pressures up to 4200 bar. Through its self-contained and portable design, the RPS is a convenient device that can be moved easily.

Its two versions create even more flexibility. Because the RPS can be equipped with a direct water feed connection (RPS-D), or an integrated reservoir (RPS-W) whereby you are more free in selecting the work location and you are not depending on the availability of a nearby water tap.


  • Portable and easy to move 
  • Suitable for pressurizing oil, water or other fluids
  • Atex version available
  • Panel mounted operating features


Modular design

Besides the water feed options, the power pack system offers different options to generate test results. With a mechanical pressure chart recorder or a PC data acquisition and recording system you can produce a chart that gives you a clear test certificate. In addition to its modular design, the RPS is standard available in 14 pressure ranges in different pump configurations. So for many circumstances we have an RPS that meets your requirements.

Technical specification

Feature Technical specification  
Max. operating pressure 4.200 bar/60,000 psi  
Max. flow 50 l/min  
Noise level < 84 dBa  
Materials All wetted parts are made of stainless steel. The seals are made of Teflon (valve), Viton (check valves) and U-PE (high pressure plunger seals).



  • Push bar
  • Mechanical chart recorder
  • PC data acquisition and recording system
  • Float cock (in case of reservoir)



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