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Unlocking Innovation with Resato’s High-Pressure Food Processing Unit (FPU)

What is high pressure processing?

High-pressure processing (HPP) stands as a revolutionary method in food pasteurization. Unlike traditional heat treatments that may compromise food quality, HPP exposes food to elevated pressures at ambient or chilled temperatures. The primary objective is to modify food characteristics to align with consumer preferences while ensuring safety, prolonging shelf life, and preserving natural freshness. Products treated with HPP are typically distributed under refrigerated conditions, maintaining both quality and safety.

Benefits and Impact

Conventional thermal processing often results in a decline in product quality. In contrast, HPP is carried out at refrigerated temperatures, minimizing thermal exposure. This prevents the development of off-flavors and preserves the quality of heat-sensitive products. HPP retains the natural characteristics of food, including appearance, texture, and nutritional content. Moreover, HPP treatments can reduce the reliance on synthetic additives, meeting the growing demand for clean-label products.

Resato’s Food Processing Unit (FPU)

Designed primarily for research and development purposes, Resato’s Food Processing Unit (FPU) caters to university institutions and research-oriented companies aiming to enhance food preservation methods, extend shelf life, and enhance food safety measures.

Resato’s FPU is distinguished by its capability to reach pressures of up to 10,000 bars, making it an invaluable resource for those exploring various food processing applications. The core of the FPU consists of a vessel where food samples undergo pressure, facilitated by a hydraulic driven pump. This pump, pressurizes water for the processing into the high-pressure force required for experiments. A user-friendly computer controlled set-up ensures precise control over critical parameters such as pressure, pressure build-up curve, isolation, and temperature, ensuring both maximum safety and ease of operation.

To maintain optimal performance and durability, regular maintenance, with a focus on the high-pressure seals within the pump, is advised. Resato provides guidance on maintenance procedures, allowing customers to choose between self-maintenance using Resato’s manual or seeking professional assistance.

Operating the FPU necessitates adherence to safety regulations and guidelines. While the FPU is designed with safety in mind, users must remain conscious of the risks associated with working with high pressure. Resato provides a manual outlining safety protocols and effective risk management strategies.

Additionally, Resato offers a complete, ready-to-use system, eliminating the need for customers to assemble it themselves. Resato is open to meeting specific customer requirements, emphasizing its commitment to delivering tailored solutions, ensuring its ability to reach and maintain specific pressure levels.


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